Mark D Van Alstyne

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Expert Business Intelligence Analyst and SQL Developer, Senior Database Engineer, Senior Internet Application Architect, an expert problem solver, and an asset to any team.


Databases                                          Years Experience

SQL (21 Years of experience, Many Certifications)


PL/SQL (Oracle; 7 Years)

Transact-SQL (T-SQL; Sybase and Microsoft; 19 Years)

SQRiBE / SQR / (OLAP / Business Intelligence)


Erwin (16 years; OLTP, HOLAP, Star, Snowflake, Dimensional)

SSIS/DTS (Microsoft)

PL and Transact SQL Profiling and Performance Tuning

SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, MS Query Analyzer, ISQL


ColdFusion (CFML) 3 through 9 MX (Certified Brainbench Master)

AJAX / HTML / DHTML  (11 years)

JavaScript  (Certified Brainbench Master)


XPath / XSL / XSLT


xBASE [ dBASE II, III, IV / Clipper 5 / FoxPro DOS & Windows ]



Advanced Regular Expressions

Korn-Shell Scripting

Windows Scripting


Oracle                                                                 7

Oracle 11g                                                         2

Oracle 10g                                                         3

Oracle 9i                                                             2

Oracle 8i                                                             1

Oracle 7.3                                                           2


MS SQL Server 6.5/7/2000/2005/2008       7


Sybase                                                             12                              

Sybase 15                                                          2

Sybase 12.5                                                       4

Sybase 11                                                          3

Sybase 11 Replication Server                        1.5

Sybase 11.5 Adaptive Server                         1

Sybase 10                                                          3


OMNIConnect                                                    2.5

Access                                                                5

xBASE                                                              12

SQLAnywhere                                                   1

Foxpro                                                                 4

MDI DB2 Gateway                                            2.5

Clipper                                                                2

Omnidex                                                          <1



Portland State University (3.00 GPA)

                BS Business Administration:  Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis

                BS Business Administration:  General Management


Extended Advanced Standard General Ledger, US Department of Treasury (8/08)

Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals II (4/05)

Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL [1Z0-007 Certification] (7/05)

BrainBench Certified Oracle PL/SQL Developer (5/06)

BrainBench Certified Master MS SQL Server 2000 Administration (2/05)

BrainBench Certified Master RDBMS Concepts (5/02)

BrainBench Certified Master Cold Fusion MX Programmer (5/06)

Sybase Certified Associate – Adaptive Server Administrator (7/98)

Sybase Replication Server:  MCI (7/96)

Sybase System 10 Performance and Tuning:  ServerLogic Corporation (2/96)

Sybase System Administration:  Metacorp Strategies Inc. (4/95)

Allaire Spectra Training: ICG (8/00)

Fast Track to Sybase: CTR, inc. (6/94)

Computer II & III; Z80 Assembly, Basic, and Pascal:  Reynolds High School (1980-82)

Basic Programming (1979)



U.S. Office of Personnel Management: Public Trust Position; Standard Form-85P (July 2006; Expires 2011)

                Background Investigation (BI) – Public Trust Level 6 Designation

                                Work History – 7 Years

                                Personal Information – 5 Years

                                Education Verification

                                Financial Review


Portland State University Computing Needs Task Force. 

Worked in conjunction with the IBM task force to determine the holistic computing needs of PSU and how to meet those needs.

Association for Systems Management, Student Chapter; PSU

                President (Elected)            :  Membership grew more than 500%.

                Secretary (Appointed)       :  Organized quarterly diskette sales. Revenue per term of $1,100

Chairperson: Undergraduate Micro-Computer Lab Advisory Board.  Advised PSU’s Finance vice-president on general access computer lab policies, management, budget, and new equipment recommendations.

Activities:  Cycling (Ride the Rockies 2004, 2006, 2007), Snow Boarding, Skiing (Alpine, Classic, Skate), Golf, Racquetball, Cooking



Small Business Administration,

Office of Financial Systems

Denver, Colorado

7/2006 – Current


Database Engineer Consultant [Sybase 15, Transact-SQL, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, ColdFusion MX 9, XSLT, dBASE IV]

Created a data warehouse comprised of all of the SBA’s transactional loan history at the general ledger level. 

Created the automated verification and validation of public facing reports produced by the Office of Financial Analysis before they could be presented to the public. 

Subsequent phases allowed for the full automation of the process.  The Office of Financial Analysis & Modeling office sends via FTP a CSV file of their report.  This triggers a load of their data followed by the auto-generation of 5 workbooks containing over 30 reports.  The reports compare their totals to our generated totals.  If there are any differences beyond the defined thresholds of amounts or percents, the rows are highlighted red or yellow (Depending on the severity), the associated sheet within Excel is also highlighted, and the report distribution is then adjusted to another audience for review.   (All fully automated)

 The reports also allow for drill down by linking through to the ColdFusion MX 9 server for every amount shown.  If the user clicks on an amount, it will request a detailed spreadsheet of the supporting loans which comprise the amount (in real time directly from the data warehouse).

 This process is now fully automated and requires no involvement from the Office of Financial Systems Denver Finance Center staff.

 The data warehouse is now widely utilized for extensive agency wide automated reporting involving everything from Budget Authority, Recovery Act Balances, Microloan Intermediary Disbursement and Outstanding Balance Reports, Automated Journal Voucher generation, Return on Assets, Recovery Act OMB Grants, and many more.

Created the Negotiable Instrument Control System (NICS) which manages the workflow of incoming and outgoing negotiable instruments (Checks) which flow through various departments within the office of the Chief Financial Officer.  Checks are scanned on arrival in the mailroom, visually verified and confirmed within the system upon transfer from the mailroom to the deposit processing room, then scanned again prior to departure. 

 Reconciliation between arriving and departing checks then ensures all checks are accounted for and processed.

 Users of NICS record scanned images for both incoming (Mailroom) and outgoing checks (Deposits or returned to Treasury), and it allows for the automated matching and manual reconciliation of the checks. If there are any uncertainties regarding matching MICR values between arriving and departing checks, then the items are presented to the users visually overlapping each other.  Imagine holding two pieces of paper up to the light and then adjusting their alignment (and/or zoom) until you can determine if they are identical.  This is what the assisted matching of check images does for the users utilizing advanced DHTML and AJAX programming.

Other authorized users within the agency can then search for items when necessary rather than using the older microfilm technology. 

 The system is linked with the SBAs loan accounting data which can then be utilized when searching for checks by loan number, check number, amount, or deposit ticket number.

A fully automated Excel report generates monthly and shows how well each department is meeting their goals for processing negotiable instruments.  The report has dual scale graphs (% completed within 1 day) combined with a bar chart (showing volume), with an associated data table (conditionally color coded for how well goals are being met).

 The first iteration of this project was completed and in production within 30 days of initiation.  There have been several additional iterations adding improved functionality.


Created the initial Financial Data Quality Assurance Framework document used by the agency to satisfy the SBA Data Quality Plan requirements of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Created screens to enhance the budget execution workflow of the SBA to satisfy requirements of the Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA).  These web screens determine the remaining Budgetary General Ledger balances for apportionments and allotments and then allow authorized users to either allot or to un-allot funding authority while ensuring adequate funds are available for all actions.  After a confirmation workflow via the rule-of-two, the allotments are then transmitted in real-time via web-services and text files into their appropriate systems  (Agency General Ledger, eTran loan origination system, Mainframe Loan Accounting System, and the LAA system) Automated emails are then sent across the agency after every approval outlining the funding authority changes.

Worked in a team to create a fully automated Excel spreadsheet report generation process. The reports allow for the presenting of database driven reports (Sybase and Oracle) within Excel utilizing VBA Script, Windows Script Host, and event driven execution.  These reports were adopted by the agency for reporting the Consolidated General Ledger Balances daily to management and reporting the Recovery Act Funds Availability on a daily basis.  The many reports that I authored included pivot tables, graphs, trend lines, conditional formatting, drill down, and many other automated features for a truly interactive user experience.

Completed a course in the Extended Advanced Standard General Ledger offered by the US Department of Treasury and taught by Michael Lamb.



Ft Collins, Colorado

4/2006 – 6/2006


Database Engineer Consultant [PL/SQL] (3 Month Contract)

Developed Oracle 9i PL/SQL Packages, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions, DDL, and DML for an extranet application that facilitates job applicant processing (Background checks, reference checks, and criminal history). 

Authored a PL/SQL Meta-phone package which allows the comparison of phonetic phrases and phonetic pattern matching of strings to identify county locations from free form address data.  Utilized ClearCase source control, TOAD, and PL/SQL Profiling to facilitate development. Authored data models utilizing Oracle Designer.




Boulder, Colorado

4/2005 – 3/2006


Software Engineer (PL/SQL, Java, CFML, HTML, JavaScript)

Developed Oracle 8i & 9i PL/SQL Packages, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions, DDL, DML for an extranet in the Hotel and Travel industry.  Developed Java which was then called from Cold Fusion to handle the compiling, sending, receiving, and parsing of XML. 

Created Cold Fusion markup language (CFML) components (CFC) for both graphical user interface (GUI) and backend database interaction.  Created data modeling and data definition language (DDL) to support development efforts. 

Worked with a team of 7 other senior developers to coordinate the creation of a new international version of the company’s flagship product (Channel Manager). Utilized SourceOffsite (Visual Source Safe) source control, Homesite, Eclipse, TOAD, and RapidSQL to facilitate development.  

Developed Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) to provide client server style behavior within the browser-based user interface. Authored data models utilizing Erwin.



Broomfield, Colorado

2/2005 – 4/2005


OO-Developer Consultant (3 month Contract)

Developed Object Oriented Cold Fusion (Mach-II) solutions that provided sophisticated access to public record information.  Technologies involved include Omnidex, MS SQL Server 2000, Cold Fusion MX 7, Eclipse, VSS, and HTML. Utilized Subversion source control and Eclipse to facilitate development.  Developed Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) to provide client server style behavior within the browser-based user interface.

Authored data models utilizing Erwin.


CenterStone Technologies, Inc.

Denver, Colorado

9/2000 – 12/2004


Vice President of Technology, Architect, Database Engineer, Technical Team Lead

Performed technical implementations for new clients.  Using the Inovis Trusted Link Enterprise (6.0.2) translator to transform EDI into text/XML and then SQL to transform the text/XML into the normalized OLTP tables of the application.  Outbound OLTP -> Text -> EDI/XML was also my responsibility (Complete life-cycle integration).  EDI Documents created: Outbound (850, 997)   Inbound (855, 856, 997). 

Architected and then developed DTS packages to perform the proprietary EDI connectivity with trading partners (Marmot, The North Face, Mountain Hardware, Obermeyer, Pearl Izumi, and many others)  Many of the electronic data interchanges were proprietary formats which were managed by DTS packages.  Some of the DTS packages also performed EDI 850, 997 and 856 formats that were created and processed using DTS packages and stored procedures that I authored.

Proprietary integrations included Customer Master upload (hierarchical) with home-grown phonetic address merging; Availability/Inventory uploading (w/ On-Hand and Open-To-Sell availability); Style/Product Master upload/download (w/ multiple price lists and currencies).  All proprietary integrations were capable of the full (CRUD) modification ability (Create, Read, Update, Delete/Disable).

Authored comprehensive enterprise data models with multiple subject areas utilizing Erwin.

Managed a small yet highly skilled web development team in the development of a B2B website application. 

Utilized Agile Development Methodology for Service Management.

Developed extensive Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) to provide client server style behavior within the browser-based user interface as well as a robust stand-alone AJAX order management Hypertext Application (HTA) that was used by traveling the sales people of our clients.

Technologies involved included ColdFusion 5, MS SQL Server 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Exchange Server 2000, Windows 2000, and Outlook 2000. 

Programming languages employed were HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, AJAX, Transact-SQL, Stored Procedures, and IE5+ browser specific programming.

Responsibilities included database administration, data modeling, technical sales (Commission based), personnel management, senior management involvement, application architecture, application design, and full life-cycle iterative application development.


EchoStar Communications, Corp.

Denver, Colorado

9/2000 - 2/01


Database Engineer Consultant

Worked on the Web order Management Development team creating reusable and maintainable reports (With dynamic SQL which built SQL to use for the OLAP reports).   Used Transact-SQL and Cold Fusion Markup Language.  Also assisted with troubleshooting production performance issues.


ICG Communications, Inc.

Englewood, Colorado (DTC)

1/1999 - 9/2000


Architect, Database Administrator, Consultant

Architected and implemented an enterprise Internet/Intranet/Extranet network/server/database infrastructure for ICG Communications, Inc. which provides 100% availability of all web servers and databases during all planned maintenance of the hardware, software, and databases. As well as near 100% availability during any unplanned outages. The architecture utilizes Resonate Central Dispatch software to load-balance the production web-servers.

Architected, managed development, and implemented a RAS/VoIP order entry, workflow (Bi-directional), auto port and TN assignment, and capacity management web site. (The RASinator project)

Architected, developed, and implemented an On-Line Auction for quarterly sales incentive programs, which utilize Cold Fusion and MS SQL Server.


Authored comprehensive enterprise data models with multiple subject areas utilizing Erwin.


Developed Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) to provide client server style behavior within the browser-based user interface.

Architected, developed, and implemented nationwide a Sales Force and Field Automation lead management, distribution, and statusing web application utilizing Cold Fusion and MS SQL Server.

Architected, developed, and implemented an ISP Extranet web site (The menu interface was out-sourced) which involved DSL Order entry by ISPs and Order Statusing utilizing NorthPoint Communications Extranet. A large expansion of this project is planned and will include ICG order entry, statusing, trouble tickets, loop qualify, and interfaces to billing and provisioning via Vitria's businessware server. There will also be multiple APIs associated with multiple DSL vendors.

Acted as the MS SQL Server 2000 DBA for the web development department.  Assisted developers with analysis, requirements gathering, data-modeling, and SQL.

Technical lead of a team of 4 developers for a logical and physical circuit provisioning and capacity planning web based tool which tracks equipment cross-connects down to the DS0 level.


Worked on a HR Benefits project which involved linking MS SQL Server databases with Oracle databases to provide direct access to Oracle Peoplesoft tables invisibly via MS SQL Server linked tables.

While at ICG, I became very familiar with telecommunications terminology including the technical infrastructure and the business issues of most of the data products.


Primestar, Inc.

Englewood, Colorado (DTC)

1/1998 - 2/1999


Database Administrator, Consultant

Implemented an automated notification of database problems via SQLMail on 12 MS SQL Servers. Created a database threshold stored procedure for implementing incremental backups of the Sybase databases.  Became familiar with Oracle enough to be considered at the junior level technically.  Supported Powerbuilder and Cold Fusion developers with their SQL needs.

Using MS Project, I managed a project for automating the Payroll Timecard data entry via a Cold Fusion web application using a MS SQL Server backend.  Worked closely with the developer and the end users to determine the requirements.  Created the logical and physical data models in Erwin and created stored procedures which extracted CSV comma delimited files which were e-mailed directly from the MS SQL Server via SQLMail to the end-users.  Also used Silverrun to create a data flow diagram of the process.

Architected and implemented an enterprise Internet/Intranet/Extranet network/server/database infrastructure for Primestar, Inc. which provides 100% availability of all web servers and databases during all planned maintenance of the hardware, software, and databases.  As well as near 100% availability during any unplanned outages.  The architecture utilizes Resonate Central Dispatch software to load-balance the production web-servers.

Installed and configured Resonate Central Dispatch, SQRiBE Reportmart/WebSQRiBE, and Scopus WebTeam.

Generated budget details within Solomon Financials from actuals with a zero variance using SQL.



Englewood, Colorado (DTC)

3/1997 - 12/1997


Database Administrator, Consultant

Responsible for upgrading to Sybase in a SMP production environment which consists of 11 hosts with 39 databases on 26 dataservers including 11 replication servers (This was accomplished with no down time for the users during regular business hours).  Prepared for and performed a complex data-model upgrade of the replication environment involving over 100 tables in this complex production environment.  Implemented multiple DSI threads in production and performed performance tuning of the replication server configuration variables.  Setup function string replication which supports real-time DSS reporting from this distributed architecture.


Worked in a team of 13 Database Administrators Supporting 200 dataservers, 150 LTMs, 40 Replication servers, and 300 Openserver Applications.


Assisted Datamodelers, Developers, Testers, and other DBAs in all database related issues.


Responsible for Production Support, Non-Production Support, Replication Server maintenance and tuning, Stored Procedure optimization, and automating processes through the creation of ksh, awk, and perl scripts including:

Creating ksh scripts which monitor replication latency, historical monitoring statistics, multi-server consolidated blocking reports, replication queue activity, stored procedure index usage report, replication server DDL extractor, automated sa/ltm/rsi password changing scripts, automated Sybase version upgrade scripts for dataservers and replication servers, and many other useful ksh, awk, and perl scripts.


          Sun SparcServer 1000/4000 : Sybase 11.0.2 (Sun Solaris, Word 6.0,SQL Server Manager,

                Sybase Historical Monitor Server,  Sybase Monitor Server/Client, Sybase Replication Server Manager,

                UNIX SCCS.


MCI, Video Conferencing Reservations

Dept. 4177

Colorado Springs, Colorado

6/1996 - 3/1997


Database Administrator, Consultant

Responsible for converting to Sybase 11 in a SMP environment.  Administering development and production Sybase dataservers and replication servers.  Troubleshooting replication and dataserver problems.  Worked in a DBA team environment to design and implement automated dumps of Sybase transaction logs for improved recoverability.  Programmed stored procedures, triggers, embedded SQL, SQR, and some C++.  Created complex UNIX scripts in Korn Shell that utilize awk, sed, grep, and many other tools.  Also created automated server log monitors that sent out text pages and e-mail of errors that occur in the Sybase logs.


          RS/6000 : Sybase 11.0.1 (AIX SMP) S-Designer 5.0, Word 6.0, Windows NT/95, eXceed,  SQR                                                             SQL Server Manager, Sybase Historical Monitor Server,  Sybase Monitor                                                                      Server/Client,  IBM Configuration Management Version Control.


Marketing One, Inc.

Portland, Oregon

3/1992 -6/1996


Database Administrator

Responsible for all databases and database gateways.  Ensured integrity and maintained all databases.  Established security controls and backup strategies.  Performed recovery of databases when necessary.  Maintained server and gateway software and related operating system settings.  Assisted developers with code reviews and performance testing.  Approved database design changes to minimize redundancy, and kept track of where all data is stored and how various systems use that data.  Maintained comprehensive documentation for all  databases and database maintenance procedures.  Monitored databases to pro-actively identify problem areas where performance improvements where possible. 


Duties included regular maintenance and performance enhancements on the following systems and platforms:


          Sun SparcServer 1000: Sybase 11.0.1  (Powerbuilder, Access, Foxpro, Solaris UNIX, SMP); Converted from 10.0.2

          Sun SparcStation 20:  Sybase 4.9.2  (Powerbuilder, Access, Platinum, Solaris UNIX, SMP)

          Novell Netware: MS-DOS (Foxpro, dBASE, Excel)

          NT Server  3.51:  Installed/ Configured the following:

        OMNIConnect 10.5, NT SNA server 2.11,

        MDI AS/400 Database Gateway, and SQLAnywhere


Responsible for all databases (3 production, 3 development, and 3 test databases), network administrative duties, and database gateways.  The multiple databases and servers ran on numerous platforms.


In addition to administrative tasks, I designed and created a program in Powerbuilder to perform automated monitoring of the entire Sybase system.  Program included automated paging and e-mail notification of problems.


This position has included being the primary Sybase contact for Marketing One, Inc., and actively troubleshooting connectivity issues to the OMNIConnect database.  The database servers reside on individual systems that have been upgraded, enhanced, and maintained by me.  Installed and setup the AS/400 side of the SNA server’s communications (via communication protocols), and configured a vendor software database (maintained by the vendor) on the AS/400.  The NT SNA Server, OMNIConnect, SQLAnywhere and related hardware were purchased by Marketing One on my recommendation.


Programmer Analyst                                                                                                                                 3-92 - Promoted

Responsible for the installation and support of the company’s financial software package (Platinum),

including user data modeling, history conversions, physical implementation and configuration. I received a

"Silver Eagle Award" from the VP of Operations for my work on this project.


I revamped the company’s sales tracking system (originally in dBASE) by developing new front end and back end features.  I also provided intense performance tuning during and after the progressive conversion to Foxpro.