The Van Alstyne Family History and Ancestry


Welcome to our Family Tree. We're just beginning our journey to trace our family history so we'll be adding more information as we learn about it.

With the help of many others, we've been able to trace our Van Alstyne family name directly back to Martin Janse Van Alstyne (van Aelsteyn) who was born in 1591 in Holland.

Martin's son, Janse Martense Van Alstyne, came to North America between 1652 and 1655. Janse had 9 children; Janse's son, and the namesake of Janse's father; Martin Janse Van Alstyne and his family moved to Canajoharie (Bowman's Creek) in Montgomery County New York. They built a house between 1735 and 1739, which still stands today. General Washington reached Canajoharie August 1, 1783, and he was a guest at the Van Alstyne house of Col. Clyde and Mrs. Clyde, as well as a guest of the Van Alstynes. The General and his staff had dinner there and some of them also lodged there - as many as the house could accommodate.

The Van Alstyne family name is believed to have originated from Castle Valdštejn. The Valdštejn castle is located in the north-east of the Czech Republic, approximately 100 km from Prague, in the tourist region of the Bohemian Paradise. The castle was established around 1260 by Jaroslav of Hruštice from the Markvartice family who were the ancestors of the lords of Valdštejn. In 1260, when the castle was erected, King Ottokar II was the king of Bohemia. The most understood language for the region at this time was German and Bohemia was a state of the Holy Roman Empire. Because German was the language of the times, the original spelling of the Valdštejn castle was most likely "Waldstein" (Pronounced: vahlt-shtahyn), which means "Forest Stone" in German.

Another famous relative (The great-great grandson of Martin Janse Van Alstyne (van Aelsteyn)), Martin Van Buren, was the eighth president of the United States.

There is an excellent early history of the Van Alstyne surname written in 1911 from the Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical Family Memoirs which we've reproduced HERE.

Some of the most recent surnames within our branch of the family tree are: Schumann, McCarthy, Frischman, Andexler, Epperson, Doolittle, Sternal, Moreau, Hurtado, and Hatlestad. As time permits, we'll be adding these family trees into our database.

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